Corporate social investment via Sponsored Education

Our Value Proposition - we propose that you sponsor the Ask Archie Maths Series on to the school network system, for a high school(s) that needs to increase their pass rate. Teachers will also be able to use the content in class. See our testimonial page for teachers who have benefitted from this. Added to this you may want to sponsor discs for home use, or online access to individuals so they can improve their results by practising at home. In return, you will be creating a contactable teenage database that has both big branding, and direct sales potential!

The benefits of using Archie to raise brand awareness:

  • Social Benefits - supporting a fantastic, innovative education initiative that is being used by schools and learners across the country. Your brand becomes an integral part of a learner's daily education routine
  • Marketing Benefits - awesome branding and direct marketing opportunities to a focused teenage (and parent) market. Click generating advertisement opportunities at their fingertips
  • Profit Opportunity - to sell relevant goods and services to the teenagers and parents, bundled together with the great Ask Archie product, support and all its other benefits
  • Partnerships through branding ingenious: We created the Ask Archie identity in black and white so that our products and sponsor's branding always stays the main focus throughout all branding channels. This way we can guarantee maximum brand exposure to our sponsors.


Available branding channels include:

  • Custom printed CD packaging distributed directly to the learners in the schools
  • Clickable banners on the education slides
  • Archie website's banner advertising & sponsored downloads


The costs of using Archie Sponsorship?

  • This depends on the volume and level of branding required. Contact us to enquire.


Make the smart decision and sponsor a school of your choice from our school database - YOU will be equipping todays youth with tomorrow's rewards!